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Bunneh Queen

To go where no bunny has gone before.

Bunny Queen College Edition
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Sorry, but this Journal is locked.
Only my friends are allowed to see what goes on in my brain.
If you want, comment and I'll watch u! :3

This is a junk art/photo/life/doll journal (mostly art :X ).
If you're willing to tolerate massive amounts of anime/manga ranting,
sucky or incomplete works, dollfie life, and major photographic mishaps,
then I welcome you to my little place on the net :3.

give lita_ann_kino more *HUGS*

Get hugs of your own

my pet!


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because I'm beautiful, however you look at me.


Nightmare's Tragedies web comic
*Temporary Server is open!*

LJ art challenges:
fanart50 (Syrus Truesdale)
30_romances (Sora/OC)

Color bars!

Daikonran is sadistic love

created by: hitomispouken

AkuRoku is Nobody love.

Nightmare's Tragedies is tragic love

MiKu is surprisingly cannon love


YouTube favs!

That is all...any questions?