Korrespond new Penpal Community Launches BETA site
Global Open Source Collaboration Brings the World of penpals to a new level

Puerto Rico — July 4, 2008

Korrespond is a new Penpal Community where you can find penpals from around the world, snail mail, swap, atc, arts and crafts, slams, decos, learn foreign languages, search the world map for friends, get to know people in the forums, exchange photographs or even create your own groups, blogs and more, and best of all it's completely free.

"We are building this community from the ground up using collabotative open source software,
We've been working around the clock to bring the best features possible to our users so they have a
better user experience." says Social Vitamin CEO Michael D. Irizarry. is currently in
a beta phase hoping to make it in the young entrepreneur startup community.

"It has been a long and harsh road to get up and running, from finding the right software
to finding the best server providers but we are finally launching and we are hoping to have a lot of
fun in this ride!" says Social Vitamin marketing director Marie Rodriguez.

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